Centre Stage is a non-profit, community service organization dedicated to the development of youth through education in the performing arts.




2019-2020 Season
DISNEY’S FROZEN JR– Fall Production

 November 15-17 and November 22-24 at
The Nathaniel Center in Kingwood


MATILDA, THE MUSICAL Spring Production

May 1–May 3 and May 8-10 at

The Nathaniel Center in Kingwood


13, THE MUSICAL Summer Production (teen show)

Pending facility and cast availability



Sundays 2:00-3:30 pm  OR
Sundays 3:30-5:00 pm

Once the show is cast: Based on rehearsal schedule Saturday or Sunday


Classes meet on Sundays at Rowland/Ballard, 1320 Kingwood Drive in Kingwood unless otherwise indicated. Class placement will be determined by the Artistic Staff during the audition process. Student class lists will be posted after registration. If you are unsure about your class placement, email Barry Dean at deanstage@comcast.net. Once a show has been cast class times may change due to the need for students from various classes to work together to rehearse production numbers. Extra rehearsals may be added, including Saturday evenings.


As students will be moving and dancing, it is important that they wear proper clothing and shoes to rehearsals.  Clothes should be loose fitting and easy to move in and not long enough to trip on.   No flip-flops or sandals are allowed—tennis shoes or dance shoes are required.


During rehearsals for a production, classes may run slightly longer than the times listed.   If the Artistic Staff is in the middle of a number, they may need to complete the work and then release class.   Please keep this in mind when planning activities.



Attendance is necessary for all classes. If a situation occurs that requires that you miss a class, please notify Barry at least 48 hours prior to class by email at deanstage@comcast.net prior to the absence. For unscheduled absences, please notify the School Administrator at centrestagenews@gmail.com. Once a production is cast and rehearsals have begun, absences are not allowed unless arranged for well in advance and approved by Barry.


Casting for the shows will be determined by the Artistic Staff alone, based on the needs of the production and how well a particular student’s abilities match the specific roles being cast. Auditions are held by the Centre Stage Artistic Staff, including the Director, Musical Director, Associate Director(s) and Choreographer. Parents are not allowed to be present during initial auditions for school placement but are sometimes invited to special auditions and call backs. Check your email newsletter for dates and times.  A Christmas Story auditions will be held very quickly after registration.  Immediately after the Thanksgiving holiday work will begin on the Spring production to prepare students for cast auditions.  The cast auditions for the spring production will be held shortly after Christmas break. All students are in both productions.


Casting is the sole responsibility of the Artistic Staff. Board members’ opinions, parental involvement and students’ years of Centre Stage participation are NOT considered. The intention of the Artistic Staff is to cast the best possible person for each role. In addition to talent, determining factors include student behavior, availability for rehearsals, previous theatre experience, and physical compatibility with a specific role, amongst others. Previous lead roles in Centre Stage productions do not guarantee future roles.


It is our philosophy that all cast members are equally important to the success of a show, including the chorus, crew and slew of volunteers. Parents are encouraged to help instill these values in their children to ensure future success in the performing arts as well as to develop a strong sense of teamwork and self-esteem.


Tuition is determined by the overall school year and then divided into equal monthly payments with a full month’s tuition due in September.   There are no additional charges for extra classes or rehearsals, nor are there credits for months with fewer classes as they are factored in the total tuition. Tuition is due the first rehearsal of the month.


Tuition rates are as follows:

Annual Tuition Rate $990  for full season

Year paid in full in advance $880 (one month free)

9 Monthly Payments $110 (September through May)

Discount for additional siblings 10% or $10 per month (tuition $100 per month)

Returned checks $15

Late fee after 15th $10

Production Fee: $275 (due prior to each tech week)

For those paying monthly by check, please give the check to one of the parent volunteer working the front desk during class time. You may also pay by credit card by simply filling out a debit authorization form. If a student withdraws from Centre Stage, a 30-day advance written notification must be provided. Tuition payments are still owed until this notification is received. Yearly tuition prepaid will be prorated with student being charged $110 per month for any month in which a class was attended.


In addition to tuition, there are other required fees including production fees, costume fees, headshots, script fees and rehearsal materials. Rehearsal materials and show t-shirts have been rolled into production fee of $275 for each Show due prior to Tech week.  Unless otherwise noted the scripts become the property of the student.   If a child is in more than one production additional fees will apply.


Each student will receive a show tee with the paid production fee for each show. Other merchandise such as logo shirts, polo shirts and hoodies may be offered at times throughout the school year. These are all optional purchases. Adult sizes for parents and volunteers are also available for purchase. Orders are taken online and payment is due when merchandise is received. We also offer DVDs of all performances of each show. Payments for this merchandise are due with the order form.


Most costumes are provided by Centre Stage.  We rent or make many of our costumes and they will be returned to Centre Stage at the end of the run of the show.  Shoes, makeup, tights, socks, unless otherwise noted, are the responsibility of the student.  In some cases, street clothes may be needed for certain shows or a particular scene in a show. Parents are asked to provide this and they will be returned to the student.  Certain theater make up may be needed for specific characters. Depending on the type of makeup, it may be provided by Centre Stage.



Centre Stage is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and without any corporate or foundation support we depend primarily upon ticket sales, fund-raisers and private sponsorships to maintain the high standard of Centre Stage productions.  The cost to produce even a small, simple show is over $50,000.  With more elaborate shows the costs can easily exceed $70,000.   Your tuition covers operational costs for the school, including salaries for our Artistic Staff and facility fees and storage space. Production costs are not included in tuition.


Ways You Can Help:

  • Link your Randall’s card to Centre Stage. Our number is 5506 – just ask the cashier or the customer service counter to link your card to that number. You only have to do this once from then on your purchases will be credited to Centre Stage.  (You can link more than one organization to your Randall’s card).


  • You can make a donation and fill out the paperwork to have your employer match your donation. If you need help finding out if your company does this let us know.


  • Find out if your company makes donations based on volunteer hours of its employees and their families and apply for the funds. Exxon Mobil does this as well as other companies.


  • Ask family, friends or area business that you frequent to purchase an ad in the playbill, make a tax deductible donation or sell to us at a reduced price (we also take donations of goods and services). As an added incentive to help fund-raise for Centre Stage, a reduction in fees can be earned through sponsorship and ad sales. For every $500 in playbill ad sales and sponsorships you bring in, you earn a $100 credit toward Production Fees. Please see Sponsorship Packet for more details.


  • Help us to find contact people with companies, foundations or other funding sources.

  • Sell tickets to productions to your friends or family. For a show that runs over two weekends, each family is requested to sell 30 tickets.

Centre Stage needs LOTS of volunteers. Everything that goes into a production, excluding the artistic part and a couple of specialized technical positions, has to be done by volunteers. Some of the areas where we need volunteers include:

  • Ticket sales (both group and individual)
  • Costumes
  • Advertising & Publicity
  • Props
  • Fund Raising
  • Painting
  • Set Construction, Load-in and Load-out
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Backstage Crew
  • Ushers
  • Spotlights Crew
  • Concessions
  • Dressing Room Crew
  • Housekeeping

The more volunteers we have, the easier the jobs. Each family is required to contribute 40 volunteer hours per school year. A volunteer deposit of $200 is requested. A postdated check is turned in at registration and will be cashed at the end of the season if the 40 hours are not met.


There are jobs that can be done at night, on weekends, or by phone. Whether you work full time or have small children, we have jobs that you can do. Working on a show can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. It is a great opportunity to meet and get to know a lot of great people. No experience is necessary. We will train you or find something that you can do. Very few of us had theatrical experience before volunteering with Centre Stage.


Ask family members or neighbors to volunteer.  If you have friends who like to sew, build things, or paint, we would be glad to have them. Anyone you recruit to work can help fulfill your volunteer obligation. If the student is old enough, they can help with small jobs.  This is great way for them to get the full experience and feel the reward of hard work and success.


We depend on ticket sales to cover the show expenses.  We usually offer tickets for sales to our families and their friends prior to the tickets going on sale to the public.
Each family is asked to sell 30 tickets per production. These tickets are on a first come, first served basis. Don’t wait until the end of the pre-sale period and expect very good seats. Tickets are non-refundable. Once tickets go on sale to the public at tix.com, there will be a service charge added to the cost of the tickets. Other ticketing services may be used to sell sponsor tickets, shows with table seating, and special performances at the Hobby Center. Seating is available for the handicapped and all venues are wheelchair accessible.


- NOV. 5th - 8th

– MAY 6th - MAY 9th


Since a studio and the actual stage are quite different, we will move classes to the actual theatre (usually the Nathaniel Center) for nightly rehearsals beginning the Monday before a show opens (Tech Week).  These technical rehearsals are very important as they will probably be the first time that the cast is working with the sets, drops, costumes, and props.   It is also the first time that we are able to set the lights and work with microphones.   If a student is absent from one of these rehearsals it affects the entire cast and may result in the student being cut from the numbers rehearsed.  It is just as important for the student’s safety that they attend all Tech Week rehearsals. Set pieces can be very large and heavy and moved numerous times during the production; if a student is unaware of these movements, they could be injured by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also drops and flies (curtains and scenery that drop down from the ceiling) are quite heavy and can cause injury if a person is standing under them when they are lowered.

Our stage crew is made up of parent volunteers and they are serious about trying to avoid injuring anyone, but often when moving large set pieces or lowering drops in the dark, they are unable to have a clear view of the landing spot. So all actors must know when and where they should be on the stage at all times. It is imperative that your child attend all Tech Week rehearsals and follow the rules for behavior in the theatre.


Tech Week rehearsals are also the first time we run through an entire show with lights, sound, set, props and costume changes.  These rehearsals are important to make sure the show works correctly.  It takes practice to make sure the staging and blocking are timed right. The last thing that we want to happen is to find out in front of an audience that a scene or costume change won’t work in the time given. It is very upsetting to the children if they miss a cue, even when the circumstances are beyond their control. As mentioned above, we need them to be aware of all set changes for safety purposes.  Due to the nature of Tech Week, the rehearsals will usually run much later than planned.


This is the most important and difficult week of the entire production process.
Absolutely NO ABSENCES will be allowed. It is essential that all cast members be present.


Eating is not allowed in the Nathaniel Center except in the kitchen area. Also, there may or may not be breaks depending upon what is being done at that rehearsal. Water bottles are allowed. Please feed your child before arriving for rehearsal. You will be offered an opportunity to pre-order a meal each night of tech week and it will be made available right at the beginning of the practice.


No running around backstage is allowed. Students should stay in their assigned dressing rooms until time for their cue. Parents not participating in the crew are not allowed backstage unless scheduled to work a shift in the dressing room. These rules are extremely important for the safety of everyone involved.


During the run of a production, if there are multiple shows scheduled in one day, cast members are usually not allowed to leave between shows. We will arrange for food to be brought in for the cast members and crew and you will be notified in advance about the arrangements and any cost involved.



P.O. Box 6158

Kingwood, TX 77325

p. 281.684.5548

e. info@centrestagekw.org




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